We are here to change founder's mindset

Your step towards developing a startup of your dream. Our 2nd season program has been executed, but you can apply for the next season cohort by contacting us in our Discord.

Startup founder mindset

Program benefits

What you will get

From the first week of participation, you will gain knowledge and practical skills that you will immediately use to develop your startup. At the end of the program, you will have real results for further growth.



Understanding the principles of business model creation and market research.



Robust customer discovery and potential customer gathering skills.

User Experience

User Experience

Definition of target audience and options of product testing.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Knowledge of the next steps after incubation.

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

Well-prepared pitch materials as a result of the incubation.


Your way to an innovative startup

Step by step, with the support of mentors and experts, you will go from essential workshops to an exclusive deep dive into the process of startup development. We’ll guide you along the way to help you find your unique path to success.

Applicants registration and on-boarding.


We will collect applications and carefully review all of the projects and its background. We'll invite you to the interview to help with materials and preparation for the season opening.

Opening Event

This is a season-opening event where selected teams presenting their projects to experts, partners and free audience. Show your starting point and explain your startup idea. Don't be shy, and shine!

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Stay in touch with us

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Expert support during the whole program

Each stage of the program will feature a unique team of speakers and experts who are actively contributing to the development of the startup ecosystem in Western Balkans.

We are always open to meeting new people who share our mission and are enthusiastic experts in various business areas. This includes like-minded mentors who can support the open startup incubator’s goals.

Experts and mentors


Unlock your imagination

You will work together brainstorming each project idea, getting instant feedback, and making a first steps in a startup trials and tests.

Expert review
Startup roadmap
Startup incubation workshop
Team gathering
Pitch training