Best startups passed our professional workshops

Founders who excel during the program, achieved results and expanded teams with their initial ideas. Those who engaged next steps to success.

Startup founder mindset


Boosted within two cohorts

Projects that received public attention and noted by our experts during the incubation program, workshops and expert reviews. You can contact us for more information about the startups and their founders.

AI /Audio /Watermarking
DeepMark is a deep learning-based solution for audio watermarking, aimed at protecting copyright and preventing data alteration in the face of advanced audio editing software and deep fakes. It utilizes a U-Net like architecture and offers benefits such as increased financial gains and prevention of information theft.
Sustainability /Upcycling

Green Lining

Green Lining
Green Lining is a startup that creates sustainable jewelry from recycled plastic, using 3D printing technology. The project aims to address the environmental impact of plastic waste and meet the growing demand for sustainable, locally-produced jewelry in Montenegro.
Green Lining
Animal Welfare /Social
Tailbook is a user-centered application that serves as a comprehensive database for animal conditions, feeding, vetting, and homing. It provides a platform for animal enthusiasts and welfare organizations to collaborate, featuring a user-friendly interface to explore animal profiles. It also enables connection and story sharing among pet lovers, and advice seeking from experienced pet owners.
Recrewty is an AI-powered professional selection software that assists businesses in selecting the best job applicants. It addresses the challenges of traditional selection methods, which are often costly, biased, and unstructured. Recrewty’s technology streamlines candidate evaluation and report generation, reducing time and effort. It is user-friendly and accessible to HR professionals without requiring expertise in psychometrics.
AI /SAAS /Business Analysis


Omori is revolutionizing business analysis in the software industry by providing a unified framework with integrated AI tools. This solution optimizes costs, increases efficiency, and reduces information overload by eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions and the constant testing of new AI tools.


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